Kaizen Karta

kaizen karta is motivation app help people find their passion. Everyone is looking for success & and that's why kaizen karta is made. It's productive app help you write your notes and business plans and your goals. Start your successful journey and write your goals.

Yarmouk Tags

Yarmouk Tags : الاسم مستوحى من اسم جامعة اليرموك(Yarmouk) بالاضافة لوسم (Tags) الذي يدل على المهمة الاساسية للتطبيق وهي البحث بداخله عن طريق استخدام التاغ. محتويات التطبيق: 1- جميع المواد الاكاديمية , شروحات للمواد الدراسية , اسئلة سنوات للمواد الدراسية , سلايدات المواد , الكتاب , المانيوال. 2-(About Yarmouk) في هذا القسم سيسلط التطبيق على

Digital App

Digital App is special App made for digital team in yarmouk university in Jordan. You can find hot news and event in yarmouk university . Explore Top technology and all technology stuff. Digital team is group of student study computer engineering who like to help new student to find their passion and what they need

Loolet store

Loolet store app allows you to shop latest gadgets and technology online. We have the latest releases from Oneplus, Xiaomi, Ulefone and more! Shop accessories for a wide range of devices, smart home gadgets, the latest peripherals, action cameras and all your latest tech – online and in one place. Everyday Low Prices – We

Zeta Lab

  Zeta-Lab App Zeta Lab application for private labs You can know the prices of tests and know the places of laboratories around you and see all the discounts and offers provided and calculate your daily need of protein and carbs and fat and know the types of tests and explain

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